The Benefit Consultants

Efficiently and accurately delivering a best-in-class,
cost-effective benefits program that is perfect for you.

Founded in 1994, The Benefits Consultants offers health insurance programs to businesses of all sizes not only in Pennsylvania, but across the country. Our broad reach, experience, and expertise allow us to provide health insurance quotes for the full array of insurance carriers and plans available in several markets.

Individual health insurance varies from region to region. You may be surprised to learn that a health insurance carrier that is a leader in one part of the state may be very weak in another. Sometimes, companies that you haven’t heard of can be very attractive alternatives despite their lack of presence locally.

We explore many avenues to provide our clients with the very best in health insurance benefits. It is our experience that organizations in different parts of the state or country deal with very different challenges leading to different individual health insurance needs. We look at ourselves as partners with our clients. Our goals are directly linked to your goals. Like all companies, concerns about cost, efficiency, and the quality of your health benefits plan is a constant issue tugging at the bottom line of your organization.

Our success in developing unique strategies for varied clients affords The Benefits Consultants the ability to welcome the challenges that this changing market continues to present. With health care reform at our doorstep, we will be prepared to work with your company to find the best solutions given these changing environments.

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